If an accessory is broken
“My Product’s Cable / Earphones / Stylus / Power adapter / Any non-main item Is Broken”

The accessories that come with your product are not covered by the same warranty that applies to the main product. This means that if the device arrives faulty, or develops a hardware fault that is not related to normal wear and tear, you can contact us to request a replacement.

Because accessories are typically small and cheap…

  • It is usually faster and not very expensive to buy replacement cable / earphone / stylus from your local electronics shop, not wait for it to be sent from China.
  • Search also on BuyNowu website, if we have the accessory available we will put it online.
  • Depending on your account level we may only be able to send replacement accessories together with a new order you are placing, not in a separate delivery.

“You guys promised to send me some new accessories of my cell phone, but I still haven’t received them. How long are they going to take?”

After you placed and paid an accessory order, normally, it takes around 20 days for us to ship out your order.

Although BuyNowu stocks all items in our warehouse we don’t stock accessories in advance. Once we get your order payment we will immediately purchase accessories for you from our partners and check them before sending out.

BuyNowu is the only wholesaler in China that offers to its customers the accessory service. We hope you can understand and thank you in advance for your patience regarding accessory orders.

If you want extra spare accessories to support your own customers’ requirements, please order them directly from the website. If you cannot find the accessory you need please feel free to contact us.